“Our sea cargo freight services are provided as a a-one stop solution which involves freight forwarding, storage, cargo handling, and final shipment from the sea freight carrier” Krovinys Ocean is your source for competitive sea cargo freight rates. Call us to find out more rather than having to arrange container shipment and then having to arrange with a separate forwarding company to handle the collection and delivery of the goods to the seaport, c-e will handle the entire process for you.

And we can handle the customs aspect of the shipment too, thanks to our dedicated customs clearance office at various ports.


Krovinys Ocean specialize in providing sea freight shipping services from all the major seaports. We offer both full container loads (fcl) and less than full container loads as part of a single shipping solution. What do we mean by a single shipping solution rather than booking a shipment through a sea freight carrier directly and then having to arrange the forwarding of the goods separately, ce will handle the entire process for you.

We can collect your goods from your location, store them at our distribution warehouse if need be, and then trunk them to the sea freight company at the port where the goods are loaded into the container for shipment. We can even handle the port customs side of things for you, courtesy of our clearance services office at various ports.

We offer excellent rates due to our longstanding relationships with some of the world?s best sea freight shipping companies and offer a wide range of services to ensure that your goods are handled and shipped, professionally and in excellent condition.

Our sales team are always on hand to discuss all the options with you and provide you with a rate and service which will suit your exacting requirements.

To find out more about our sea freight services from Krovinys Ocean and to make a booking, simply call 079 48905694 or click here to email us with the details.


This normally involves the use of 20 or 40 ocean containers which can be used to ship a variety of commercial cargo’s including palletized freight, domestic household goods and even vehicles.

We provides a flat rate price for full container loads and containers can be shipped from the majority of ports.

We work closely with expert sea freight companies in the world to offer you a total distribution solution.

We use our own dedicated vehicle fleet to trunk your goods from our warehouse to the shipping company where your goods are loaded into the container before going to the seaport. We use our expertise to provide you with the best rates possible – in certain cases it may prove to be cheaper to utilize a full container load rather than less container loads (lcl) dependent on the goods you are shipping and the size of container being used.

Our sales team will be pleased to receive your inquiry and provide you with the advice you need.

Full container load shipping provides a safe and reliable option which is cost effective. Whilst transit times are comparatively lengthy, shipping ocean cargo in this way ensures that your goods get to their destination in good condition regardless of the intended international location.

To find out more about our sea cargo services including full container loads and to receive a competitive quotation, talk to Krovinys Ocean today call 079 48905694…


Apart from the cost implications, lcl shipments provide a variety of benefits. It maximize the routing options by tapping into more flexible sailing schedules ultimately leading to faster transit times. Note that as it is a shared service, the container will be classed as general cargo this means that no hazardous goods may be carried and the cargo must be dry and able to withstand the length of the voyage to its chosen destination.

Whistle will place any lcl bookings into the hands of a shipping company, what we offer is a total solution to your shipping needs. We can utilize our warehousing and transport fleet to store your product and deliver it to the shipping agent before being loaded at the port. We handle the entire process for you from collection of your goods to shipping from the port before reaching its final destination. Talk to our sales team today about lcl shipping, We offer highly competitive rates which tie in with our already excellent road freight services. Whatever your requirement, ce is sure to have a comprehensive solution for your shipping needs.

We also offer customs clearance services at major port from our dedicated office.

To find out more about our sea cargo services including full container loads and to receive a competitive quotation, talk to Krovinys Ocean today call 079 48905694