Air and sea are effective ways to quickly or efficiently move cargo long distances, but for trade within the continent and surrounding countries, road transportation is the lifeblood of importer and exporter.

Our private fleet of equipment and drivers cross the channel to deliver into continent ourselves. For further out points, we work closely with a network of partners with the fleets and assets to meet your needs. Whether curtain, tilt trailer, taut liners or other specialized equipment, we can arrange it.

Have multiple collection or delivery points into or out of your facility? Ask us about our consolidation services which can simplify the import and export processes and reduce your overall supply chain and transportation costs.


We offer you a full load service and will comply to your special safety regulations, alongside the common road transportation rules. We will ensure total transparency during the whole transport and maintain the timely loading. Krovinys Ocean full load is especially designed for your urgent full loads within continent.


Krovinys Ocean part load is the perfect (non-full) part load service for you within continent. You only have to pay for the shipping space you require. We ensure regular truck departures and possess our own network of hubs and warehouses in continent.