Air cargo is dependent on speed, costs and faith in an efficient logistics partner. Temperature sensitive drugs have to be shipped overseas, electronics parts to far east and spare parts around the world. Whether you will send out sample packages to potential buyers, ship objects of art or bring components to production facilities: time and distance are the most important coordinates for a strong partner. Furthermore we will manage all customs formalities for you.

We take it personally in air cargo – this means not to lose sight of your shipment at any time.


We ship your goods on the fastest possible way with the earliest possible departure. We source the fastest connection, guaranteed space and a lead time of 24 hours between airport of departure and airport of arrival are aimed. Awbs are obtainable before departure via email and the proof of delivery is immediately available upon completion. Air speed is suited for all your goods that have to arrive directly at their point of destination. Therefore our team is able to be contacted 24/7.


With air conomy your goods are shipped with selected airlines via the best-suited air cargo hub. The time range between the airports is 48 ? 96 hours. Awbs are obtainable before departure via email and the proof of delivery is immediately available. Thanks to bulk purchasing at air freight centers we can provide you with attractive rates to suit all needs.


X – parcel offers a well-developed, inexpensive and worldwide parcel service and courier service solutions. On time delivery, reachability of your consultants and fitting service with affordable prices are of course a part of it. You can also choose a time defined delivery.


For consignments that cannot be carried on commercial flights because of their size, dimension or urgency we offer the right with air charter. Furthermore it is perfect for remote destinations that can only be reached with small passenger airplanes. Of course you profit from our long-standing relationship with a lot of charter airlines and brokers and our gained competence in which over 500 charter shipments have been successfully completed. On request with pleasure we can send you our references.


We transport your highly urgent documents and goods as hand luggage or checked-in luggage with the earliest possible departure. Therefore our trained staff functions as your couriers bringing their passports to the office every day. Our courier will be with your shipment at all times, from the time of handover to the time of delivery. Your cargo is thus monitored around the clock, with our dedicated express obc service. You will furthermore save time before departure and especially after landing compared with a regular sent shipment.


An emergency or a very delicate transport can occur at any moment. Under such circumstances our emergency team is at your side at all times. Whether it?s air cargo, charter, on-board-courier, x parcel service or any other logistical challenge – we have the solution.

The express emergency product range comprises a ?24/7 guidance service? and a ?next flight out emergency service? as well as ?airport-to-airport? and ?door-to-door? solutions.

Our experienced team assures fast reachability and professional help around the clock to guarantee that your shipment takes the fastest and easiest way to its destination.